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Game News

Do you love LOTRO the game but aren't “in love” with it as a lifestyle?  Do your characters have a small to moderate back-story in case a random case of light RP banter pops out?  Do you prefer to play in the bounds of the lore and not want to rewrite Tolken's “trashy novel”?

Are you tired of walking into The Prancing Pony and being accosted by horrible role players which block the door, the NPC's, and the stairwell?  Are you overwhelmed by the sheer volume of "white namers" that roam aimlessly through the streets of Bree?  Has the sound of bagpipes playing AC/DC by a role player flagged toon ever made you want to do unspeakable things with the bagpipes?  Does the concept of a "dark ranger" make you grind your teeth? Does the concept of Ladyhawk Robanavich's chastity being discussed in emotes irritate you when it spams your screen and ruins a perfectly good pratfall or fart joke?  Do you boggle at the RP slap-fights in the Pony where a party member is dead and some level four Guardian resurrects them because their cousin “Skippy the Lore Master” showed them how?

All of the above questions were posed and answered affirmatively by us.  There were two alternatives, move to another server or stay and try and improve what is otherwise a great community on Landroval.  We chose the later and are now seeking others to find a place to call home.

We are a new kinship that is centered around having a relaxed and fun time in game.  RP is more than welcome but it is not the focus of the kin.  Our characters have personalities all their own, but tend to come out in small bursts rather than wandering the streets of Bree for hours on end.  We aren't a hard core raiding kin and we aren't a leveling kin either.  We might raid in the future, but first we'd have to get to that point on a character!  We are always willing to help people time permitting.

What we DO:

Crafting – gotta make it to wear it.  We are self sufficient as individuals.  If you need something made, you had best have the materials.  We are not a welfare guild.

Questing – With a small guild you can usually find a 3rd to make a small fellowship to help the more squishy in game storyline quests.  We do not condone using toons outside the quest level range to simply “do” an instance.  Its a game, play it.

Alternative dungeon approaches – Ever wondered what it would be like to rush a raid, not with the intent of “PWNing” the game engine/AI but as a real hodge podge fellowship?  What if you had 2 tanks and nothing but Minstrels because a fellowship isn't really going to have one of each perfect class.

Undying leveling groups – When we have more members, we might be open to an undying fellowship idea. A group of guild members that play from level 2-endgame with a perma-death pact.  If we fall in battle, we are “dead”.  This would be a more advanced aspect of the Kinship when we have more members.  It will have rules, but the basic rule is you are dead when you are done as that character.

We are searching for like minded mature adults, that play a game and that have a real life outside of Middle Earth. 

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